Code of Conduct

Cimarron Energy operates its business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and relevant laws. The Company places the highest value on the integrity of each of its employees and representatives. All employees, agents, and consultants of Cimarron Energy are responsible for complying with all applicable laws, regulations and this Code of Conduct. Cimarron Energys corporate culture demands not only legal compliance, but also responsible and ethical behavior.

The policies in this Code apply to all employees, officers and agents of Cimarron Energy. The Code is not intended to cover all Cimarron Energy policies or all laws. If a local law conflicts with a policy in this Code, we will comply with the law; if a local custom or practice conflicts with a policy in this Code, we will comply with the Code. Think of this Code as a baseline, or a minimum requirement, which must always be followed.

Cimarron Energy provides this Code of Conduct to its employees for their guidance in recognizing and resolving properly the ethical and legal issues they encounter in conducting the Company’s business.

If any Cimarron employee, customer, supplier or concerned citizen has a concern or issue to share with management, they can anonymously call 1-844-826-2440.

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