Cimarron is committed to providing the safest possible work environment for all of our employees and visitors to our facilities and work locations.  Cimarron Energy’s goal is to provide employees with the resources to complete their job with not only quality, but safety, in mind.  We strive to provide an environment and build a culture to make Cimarron Energy a leader in the industry; not only with our product, but also with our safe practices. 

Cimarron Energy employees have an obligation to themselves, fellow employees, visitors and the Company to see that operations are conducted in an efficient and safe manner.  They recognize that working in an unsafe manner is counterproductive to everything Cimarron is striving to achieve.  Working safely is a condition of employment, and is seen as our highest priority every day. 

Cimarron energy is committed to a safety consciousness that will always exist in our thinking and planning.  Because of this obligation, employees are empowered to prevent obvious unsafe acts on the part of fellow employees and to recognize and anticipate potential hazards.  

Katy Manufacturing 500 plus days ZERO Incident Award Ceremony