Updates for Cimarron Energy - Houston Office and Katy Facilities

Posted by Jeff Foster - Cimarron Energy CEO on 08/30/2017

Houston Strong - Image Credit to Houston Chronicle ( Michael Ciaglo / Houston Chronicle)

( Image credit to Michael Ciaglo / Houston Chronicle) 


 Houston Office:

The office will be closed and without power through Friday. We expect power on Saturday for those who may work this weekend and this may improve as circumstances permit.   During this time, office personnel are expected to stay engaged with your supervisor and support ongoing operations from home.   

 Katy Facility:

The facility plans to  be open Wednesday  from 8:00am to 6:00pm for all personnel who can drive safely.    

 Good news -  It is  confirmed there is no material damage to the facility or production equipment. 

 If you are impacted from the storm, please communicate any and all needs directly with Tiffany Cogdell

and we will support you (Contact phone: 1-888-976-5788)


Stay positive!   


Jeff Foster

CEO - Cimarron Energy