Gas Equipment

With over 30 years of business expertise, we have built our reputation on innovation and excellence. Our gas production units consistently perform in the harshest climates because we manufacture them in an environment where engineering, quality and safety are company-wide obsessions. Oil and gas drive our business, but dedication to excellence fuels our future.

Separator Packages

Separators produced by Cimarron are designed to ASME code. We offer heated and non-heated options, both of which hold a proven track record in the harshest well conditions. Proprietary liquid surge retention technology also is available.

Direct-Fired Units

Our direct-fired units are designed to manage large liquid-to-gas ratio flow streams. These units are also ideal for high paraffin content wells, with a superior condensate and gas liquid retention capability.

Indirect-Fired Units

Our indirect-fired units are designed for high-pressure, high-volume applications. This type of unit is capable of handling extreme pressure reduction from wellhead to separator without hydrate formation. These units also produce highly efficient three-phase separation.

Combination Units

Cimarron offers combination separator and dehydration units as another way to reduce well site footprints. These combination units share a skid and cabinet and are extremely conducive to cold weather applications with total enclosures available. We are very proud to say that our combination units are designed by Cimarron engineers to eliminate liquid carry-over from liquid surges.

Flowback Equipment

Our flowback equipment is designed to handle pressures up to 5,000-psi. As these units must be monitored 24/7, Cimarron designs them for quick and easy service.

Our sand separators are skid mounted on an L-Skid design and engineered for maximal durability and day-to-day functionality. The test separators feature both skid mounted and trailer mounted options.