EOR Steamflood & Waterflood


Steamflood -- Steam Generators

Cimarron has significant experience in designing and manufacturing steam generators with capacities ranging from 25 MMBtu per hour to over 100 MMBtu per hour.  Many of these have been installed in the heavy oil regions such as the San Joaquin Basin in California and the Orinoco Basin in southern Venezuela.

Waterlood -- Water Injection Skids
(Shown in photo)

Cimarron offers produced water injection skids and pump systems for waterflood projects.  Design and capacity varies widely between projects, and often use power generation skids also supplied by Cimarron.  Waterflooding an oil reservoir increases the oil production rate and, ultimately, the oil recovery.  This is accomplished through the injection of water which increases the reservoir pressure to its initial level and forces the oil to the production wells.