BTEX Condensation


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As the EPA implements new regulations for glycol dehydration, producers are looking for a reliable solution to efficiently eliminate emissions. The Cimarron DehyCombustor combines a BTEX condenser with a EPA certified combustor to eliminate BTEX emissions from the Dehy site. 



  • Eliminates the need to send still column vapors to the reboiler which is a common cause of regenerator fires and reduced emissions control efficiency.
  • Allows for the continued use of Energy Exchange Glycol Pumps due to 99% gas consumption destruction
  • Compact design provides small footprint



  • Designed to address the increasingly stringent EPA standards specific to natural gas dehydration emissions.
  • Skid mounted (no assembly required) and fully enclosed models available for severe cold weather service and open air for warm weather service.
  • Available in both fan cooled and natural draft.
  • All wetted parts are 304 Stainless Steel
  • Fully ASME code construction
  • EPA certified Quad O vapor destruction
  • On-site vapor destruction data logging and/or SCADA communication available.