Total Vapor Control

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Cimarron Energy - Oklahoma City, OK | enclosed combustor

As a company committed to environmental safety and client satisfaction, Cimarron is proud to offer a variety of solutions for capturing and controlling VOC emissions from oil and gas production sites.  The company offers vapor recovery towers for vapor capture, vapor recovery units for compressing low pressure vapor for use or sale, and EPA-certified enclosed combustors for 99% destruction of remaining vapor. Towers, VRUs and combustors are offered in a variety of sizes and features to accomodate the varying needs of producers and storage locations.  All five of Cimarron's combustors have been “manufacturer-performance tested” in accordance with the EPA’s strict new NSPS OOOO emission standards for storage vessel control devices (referred to as “Quad-O” EPA compliance). Designed for both low volume and high volume applications, Cimarron units optimize combustion efficiency with a greater than 99% VOC destruction rate. In addition, the units are both easy to install and user friendly, offering reliable operations and low-maintenance care.

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