Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)




Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)

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Vapor Recovery Units are a skid-mounted solution for capturing flash gas from storage tanks, a vapor recovery tower, or other sources on a location where pressure reduction is needed to stabilize fluids or assist in production efficiency.  We offer natural gas or electric drive packages as well as a cold weather package.

Standard Features

  • Up to 95% reductions in emissions
  • Oil flooded screw compressor
  • PLC Driven recycle system
  • VFD controlled electric drive packages
  • Control panel with PLC
  • Suction scrubber with integral ASME blow case
  • Discharge coalescer
  • Oil cooler
  • Carbon steel skid
Cimarron Model

Suction Pressure

Discharge Pressure

Flow Rate
 SCG-8  0 to 8  0 to 100  10 to 120
 SCG-10  0 to 8  0 to 100   75 to 300 
SCG-14  0 to 8   0 to 100   150 to 550