Gas Production Units

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Gas Production Units

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Cimarron’s separators and gas production equipment have become an industry standard for wellhead consolidation, pad footprint and flow-line reduction, installation and production efficiency, at lower capital and operating costs.

  • Multiple-well designs
  • Reduced footprint & installation costs
  • Skid-limit design
  • Pressures to 1440 PSIG
  • Two and three-phase
  • Separators are typically 20” to 42” outside diameter
  • Enclosed cabinet available for challenging operating environments
  • Extensive product line including integrated sand separators and line heaters 

Cimarron’s standard Gas Production Unit (GPU) is comprised of a split-pass coil indirect heater containing a gas-fired natural draft burner, a pre-heat and expansion coil bundle, followed by a two-phase or three-phase separator typically operating above pipeline pressure.  The process heat reduces the risk of gas hydrate formation associated with large pressure drops and ensures effective separation through the control of pressure and temperature. The equipment is enclosed within a skid-mounted cabinet, allowing for ease of installation and operation while minimizing the equipment footprint and space requirements. The indirect heater is designed in accordance with API 12K standards, while the separator design is based on recommendations of the Gas Processors Suppliers Association (GPSA). 

Cimarron-designed production units can be customized to address specific needs with respect to the number, size, and positioning of the separation vessel. While the number of separators is related to the number of producing wells on a multi-well pad (allowing volume measurement for individual wellstreams), the positioning is largely dependent on the gas-oil ratio. Horizontal units are typically preferred in liquid rich production streams, while vertical separators are utilized when there is relatively little liquid in the production stream.  Cimarron has regularly designed and manufactured production units capable of processing two to five wellstreams simultaneously. 

Cimarron also offers a range of sand separators designed to extend the life of the GPU. A sand separator installed ahead of  the inlet of the production unit will facilitate the removal of as many solids and contaminants as possible. Solids and well debris, particularly where shale fracturing is employed, can reduce processing capacity and has a detrimental effect on the production choke. 

In the design phase, we carefully size the preheat coil, choke, and expansion coil depending on well conditions. Typical coil ratings are 5,000 PSIG, but the advent of deeper drilling and the extension of laterals has resulted in the need for even higher coil ratings. Cimarron now frequently manufactures coil bundles with ratings of 10,000 PSIG. We use actual well conditions and process simulation to determine the number of passes for the preheat and expansion coils in order to provide the appropriate surface area for heat transfer. Maximum allowable working pressure of the separator vessel is typically 1,440 PSIG.

Standard Features of Cimarron GPU’s

  • Indirect Heater — API 12k with removable firetube
  • Natural draft burner with flame arrestor
  • Hinged stack for transport with bird screen
  • Removable split-pass coil bundle with choke
  • Supply gas system with gas preheat coil, supply gas scrubber, burner and pilot controls and emergency shut-off
  • Two or Three Phase Separator, with drain, pressure relief, level controllers, dump valves and high/low shutdown
  • Separator internals — weir bucket or interfacing style with mist extractor & baffles
  • Meter tube with junior or senior type orifice fittings
  • Integral skid and walk-through cabinet
  • Cimarron ARC ignition system
  • Pressure relief, temperature and level gauges, and other necessary instrumentation 

Options and Accessories for Cimarron GPU’s

  • Sales line scrubber pot with level control and high level
  • Fire retardation system
  • Outside access cabinet for smaller footprint
  • Customer specified burner management system
  • Additional flash separator
  • Motor actuated chokes
  • Custom features as required
  • Vane Packs
  • Sand Removal Manifold and sand separators
  • Rupture disk
  • Pneumatic filtration
  • High-low pressure pilot emergency shutdown