Line Heaters

Line Heaters

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Cimarron Energy - Oklahoma City, OK | Line heaterCimarron designs and manufactures indirect water bath heaters and line heaters to heat gases or liquids safely in a variety of sizes and with a number of customer preferred options.  Applications include:

  • Heating natural gas prior to separation and pressure reduction
  • Prevention of hydrates before pressure reduction at distribution city gates
  • Heating of gas during transmission stages
  • Controlling separation temperatures of gas and liquids to increase the efficiency of separation and prevention of hydrates
  • Heating of water for water jacket applications
  • Heating of heavier crude oils for easier processing and fluid movement

The principal benefit of indirect heating is that the combustible fluids are heated in a non-combustible fluid and separate from the firetube, in many cases a glycol/water mixture.  The fluids are contained in a designed coil bundle comprised of multiple passes and paths and have no direct contact with the heat media that provides the necessary heat transfer area to meet the specific conditions required.  Both heat transfer area and mixture velocities, which vary depending on the composition, pressure and temperature conditions, are key factors in the design of the coil bundle.  The heat supplied by the firetube to the heat media is modulated by temperature measurement in the product stream to ensure that the customer specifications are achieved.

Cimarron regularly manufactures heaters ranging from 100,000 to 4 million Btu per hour.  Our custom engineered designs allow for a number of options to meet the varying requirements of our customers. 

Standard Features


Heater shell with support saddles and lifting lugs Custom fuel train, including NFPA 87 design
Removable U-tube firetube Stack arrestor and downdraft diverter
Removable coil bundle 304 Stainless steel stack
Burner and pilot assembly with removable flame arrestor High bath temperature shutdown thermostat and control valve
Fuel gas preheat coil and pressure regulation High bath level shutdown switch
Sized fuel gas scrubber to ensure dry burner fuel Fiberglass shell insulation with aluminum jacket
Heat media expansion tank with fill connection Choke valve for split-pass coil designs
Temperature controller and thermowell High pressure coil ratings up to 10,000 PSIG
Fuel gas control valve Media containment under the bath shell with drain valves
Pressure and temperature gauges  
Cimarron ARC ignition system with solar panel and battery backup