Power Generation


Download GenSet Design Sheet

We offer a variety of generation sets to provide the power you need to run your field operations.  

Sales & Rental

  • Natural gas engines, straight from the well up to 2250 Btu/ft3
  • 0 to 85 KW, model 3306BNA
  • 85 to 190 KW, model 3406TA
  • 350 KW, model 3412

Engine Integrated Control System (EICS)

The EICS accommodates a wide variation in fuel consumption and speed/load ranges, maintaining efficiency with load following technology for the toughest gas lift applications.  Key components include:

  • Rugged oilfield skid
  • Fuel filter – muffler – catalyst
  • Air/fuel ratio control
  • Speed governing
  • Interface and diagnostic sensors
  • Catalyst options
  • Engine control modules

Cold Weather Packages

  • Weather-proof enclosures
  • Ventilation louvers
  • Heater with thermostat control
  • Side and rear doors for ease of access and maintenance

Automation (optional smart control systems)

  • Cell connectivity to transmit data to the cloud
  • Performance view measures any Modbus capable device with up to four, 4-20mA sensors
  • Historical data graphics over any period or event
  • Capability to overlay datasets for analysis
  • GPS tracking and Google map integration
  • Configurable alert systems for a number of monitored parameters using voice, text, or email

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