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Cimarron Sand Separators

Solids removal prior to initial separation has become an increasing need with the trends in hydraulic fracturing across the U.S. shale basins.  Silica sand, fracturing sands, proppants, and other debris are commonly returned to the surface in the initial production phase of shale wells. Our sand separators protect our customer’s investment in downstream processing equipment and reduce the damaging effects of solids on high pressure piping and vessels.  Cimarron has provided thousands of these high pressure solids separators to operators across the U.S., from the Permian Basin to the Rockies to the Marcellus/Utica shale basins in the Northeast. 

Cimarron designs and manufactures a variety of sand separator sizes and pressure ratings - from 16” OD x 8’ to 30” OD x 10’, with pressure ratings of 3,000 PSIG to 10,000 PSIG.  For ease of transport and installation, the units are installed on an “L-skid” and Cimarron often provides manifold piping according to the operator’s needs and operational configuration.